Wanna know how I lick p***y?

Want me to tell you the very best oral technique I know…

One that I’ve used to give women THOUSANDS of ORGASMS over the past 12 or so years?

Here it is:

– Have her lie on her back, legs open

– Put your hands under her ass (right hand under her left cheek, left hand under her right cheek)

– Now HUM on her clit. Don’t lick it or suck it. HUM on it (to do this, put your top lip above the top of her clit. And your lower lip below the bottom of her clit)

This technique drives women CRAZY.

Without fail.

Give it a try.

Oh, and one more thing…

As you HUM on her clit, do it with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM.

Because it’s your raw passion and masculine enthusiasm that ‘gets her off’ just as much as it is the technique!

Want more great ways to give your woman oral?

Here’s the best guide to being great at oral that I know of

Enjoy eating that p***y 😉

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Lloyd Lester

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